Would you like to sail your own yacht?

Many sailors dream of owning their own yacht, of the freedom of the open seas and of following the sun and wind, but then hesitate because of the costs involved. The time spent actually sailing can be very expensive with your own yacht. The outlay and costs tend to increase in proportion to the distance between the place of residence and the place the boat is moored.

An investment in our firm allows you to own your own yacht in a magnificent area and to charter it profitably for several years. With us, you have a partner who offers you a high level of quality and security. The structure of our company (a small family business based in Nidri, Levkas) and our many years of experience in the charter business provide the secure foundation for our offer. At the end of our collaboration, you will hardly notice any difference between your impeccably maintained boat and a yacht that has only been sailed privately.

In this connection, we would like to mention that the German sailing magazine “Yacht” has listed our company several times in articles regarding the high-quality maintenance of our fleet. Most recently in issue no 3/2016.

The Business Model

You are the owner and let us manage the chartering of your boat. Our company assumes full responsibility for your yacht and its maintenance: we deal with the boatyard costs, maintenance and repairs, handover/return to charter guests, marketing and administration.

In addition, once a year during the sailing season, you receive two weeks of your choice for you own holiday. Sailing in the low season (early and late season) is usually possible, too. The collaboration is normally for a period of six years, after which the owner then takes over the boat again, although an extension of the agreement is invariably possible.

Adding the two weeks of free sailing per year, this amounts to about 4% interest on your capital investment. Generally, under normal circumstances, it can be assumed that a yacht in our charter business will generate a net income equivalent to half of its original price within the six-year period.

These figures, though based on our experience, cannot be guaranteed because the overall result of a business year depends on many factors that cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. The general economic situation, the flights and the pricing policy of the airlines, special events or any number of things may influence the demand. Nonetheless, the fact that we have been running our company since 1986 has enabled us to develop relatively reliable models.

An additional advantage that is not taken into account in the return on investment figures is the value added tax that you save with such an investment. When you buy your new yacht, you will initially not need to pay value added tax because charter boats are normally exempt from value added tax (24%) in Greece. The VAT will not become due until the boat leaves the company’s fleet. Since the VAT is then based on the then current value of the yacht, it will be a lot more favourable than when purchasing a new vessel privately. In addition, the purchase price of the yacht will also be lower thanks to the fact that no VAT is due, a fact that can be important if you are considering taking out a loan.

Twice a year, the owner will receive a clear and exact list of the bookings and charter income for his vessel. Accordingly, the owner receives his relevant share of the profit twice a year.

By purchasing a yacht as an investment in our charter company, you secure many sun-filled days of sailing without having to bear the high costs and the work usually involved with owning your own yacht. You can fulfill your dream of enjoying the freedom of nature in one of the most beautiful sailing areas of the world.

Greece, the land of a thousand islands, awaits you.
We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.

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