Country & People

The special charm of the Ionian Islands and their award‐winning beaches create a nostalgic, idyllic atmosphere reminiscent of older times. Lush vegetation alongside Caribbean blue water, vast tracts of land without tourism and picturesque mountain villages alternate with lively, charming harbours.

Innumerable bays and mountains, often more than 1000 m high, characterize the wild and romantic landscape. While the western sides plunge steeply into the sea as rocky shores, the eastern parts of these islands gently immerse the sea. Finest, extensive sandy beaches between the ridges invite you to swim on the west side, but are only suitable for a short stay for sailing yachts.

The Ionian Islands belonged to the Republic of Venice until about 1800. Through the lively cultural exchange, independent cultural life was able to flourish, which was of decisive importance to the intellectual development of Greece.

Those who like to embrace the mentality and serenity of the population will experience Greece from its most beautiful side. For as Henry Miller, a famous friend of Greece, noted from his isolation (enforced by the war turmoil) on Corfu: that sitting quietly all day, not reading the newspaper, not listening to the radio, not hearing any gossip, being completely and utterly indifferent to the fate of the world, is the best medicine we can prescribe for ourselves.