The Ionian Sea is part of the Adriatic Sea. The climate and the water are slightly cooler than in the Aegean Sea, with a larger temperature variation between day and night. Therefore the islands are green and lush. Instead of the threatening Meltemi there is a Northwest wind, rarely stronger than 6 Beaufort.


Maestro is the Greek name for the North wind that prevails here and its nature is typical of the whole Ionian Sea. It usually arises late in the morning and lasts through the afternoon, dying down with the setting sun. It characterises the rhythm of life in this sailing area, between Corfu in the North and Zakynthos in the South.

Variable winds between 1-3 Beaufort prevail at nights and mid morning. From 1.00 pm the wind turns to the Northwest and becomes gradually stronger, reaching 5 to 6 Beaufort in the evening.

Weath­er da­ta (°C) av­er­age air tem­per­a­ture max air tem­per­a­ture wa­ter tem­per­a­ture
March 13,4° 22,2° 14,0°
April 14,8° 24,6° 16,0°
May 18,6° 28,2° 18,0°
June 23,0° 32,5° 21,0°
July 24,6° 33,0° 24,0°
Au­gust 24,9° 33,9° 24,0°
Sep­tem­­ber 22,6° 31,0° 23,0°
Oc­to­­ber 15,5° 28,1° 22,0°
No­vem­­ber 13,7° 22,4° 19,0°