The climate in the Ionian Sea


Maestro is the Greek name for the local north wind, and its character is typical of the Ionian Sea. It wakes up after a late breakfast, freshens up in the afternoon and goes to sleep with the sun. At night and in the morning predominantly circulating winds blow from 1 to 3 Beauforts. From 1 pm the wind turns northwest with increasing strength and can reach up to 6 Beauforts in the evening.


The Ionian Sea is the continuation of the Adriatic. The climate is slightly wetter than in the Aegean, the temperature differences between day and night are bigger here. But the islands are green and rich in water. Instead of the dreaded Meltemi, the northwest wind seldom blows more than 6 Beauforts.

Weath­er da­ta (°C) av­er­age air tem­per­a­ture max air tem­per­a­ture wa­ter tem­per­a­ture
March 13,4° 22,2° 14,0°
April 14,8° 24,6° 16,0°
May 18,6° 28,2° 18,0°
June 23,0° 32,5° 21,0°
July 24,6° 33,0° 24,0°
Au­gust 24,9° 33,9° 24,0°
Sep­tem­­ber 22,6° 31,0° 23,0°
Oc­to­­ber 15,5° 28,1° 22,0°
No­vem­­ber 13,7° 22,4° 19,0°

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