Would you like to own your own yacht?

Many sailors dream of having their own yacht, of the freedom the sea offers, of sun and wind, but hesitate in the face of the costs involved. Depending on the location, the effort and the maintenance costs can increase enormously. An investment in our company allows you to make your dream come true and to sail with "your yacht" in a splendid area. We take responsibility for the maintenance of your yacht and its chartering. The structure of our company, as a small family business with its own base and our many years of experience in the charter business, form the basis for successful cooperation.

With us, you will find a partner who offers you high quality and safety. Our expert maintenance ensures that your boat loses as little value as possible. At the end of the cooperation, which is usually six years, a very well-preserved yacht can become your private property, or you can decide to resell it for a good price. If necessary, an extension of our cooperation is possible. The yachts are available to the owners free of charge for several weeks per year (including peak season). Another advantage in financial terms is that you save the VAT you have to pay. It is due only after the cooperation has expired and is calculated according to the current value of the boat.

As a partner of Skorpios Charter, you can enjoy wonderful sailing in a fascinating area with a yacht that has been individually designed to your liking.