Leisure activities

Would you be interested in prolonging your sailing holidays? Ashore, the region and especially the island of Lefkada offer a great variety of leisure activities.


Besides taking a refreshing dip in the sea, those of you who want to explore the underwater world should try snorkeling. Visiting a diving school and taking a diving course is also a good idea if you want to dive a little deeper.


In Vasiliki Bay, one of the most well-known surfing areas in the Mediterranean, you can find some of the best clubs in Europe for learning how to windsurf offering lessons leading to a surfing license. You can also rent hobby catamarans and get your first experiences on them.

Kite Surfing

The large shallow bay of Myloi north of the island is a popular area for kite. It is the meeting place of all lovers of this sport who eagerly compete against each other as well as of many onlookers who enjoy the spectacular jumps and stunts. For those interested to try here are many centers that offer courses and rent the necessary equipment.

Horse Riding

If you like horse riding you can enjoy the picturesque Lefkada countryside by renting a horse from the well-organized "Aramis Farm" in Apolpaina, near the town of Lefkada.


The hikers among you should not miss the opportunity to go on a day hike with Helmut Karcher . He has been living on the island for many years and was awarded with a Medal of Honor for his efforts to expose the old paths in 2011. Under his expert guidance you can experience the magnificent scenery of the island on foot. You will be fascinated by the old stone houses with roofs used as threshing places and the stunning views of the Ionian Islands from the historic Sappho rocks at Cape Ducato.
More information: www.art-picard.de


We would be happy to arrange accommodation in Lefkada for you upon request.