Second-hand Yachts

Dear Sailing Enthusiast,

When we replace vessels in our fleet, we offer the second-hand boats for sale. The outstanding condition of these vessels is guaranteed by our meticulous maintenance standards and the temperate weather conditions in the Ionian Sea.

The well-known German magazine Yacht has included our fleet several times in reports about the best well-maintained charter fleets in the Mediterranean area (the most recent reference was in 2016).

As you buy directly from the owner without a broker, we can offer you particularly favourable prices. No value added tax has been paid on the yachts, because charter boats in Greece are exempt from such tax. The VAT is calculated on the current value and billed to the buyer.

In theory, it is possible for a buyer to maintain the second-hand boat as a charter vessel and leave it in the name of our company for a limited period. This has to be decided on an individual basis and depends on the age of the boat and the current market conditions.

If you buy a yacht from Skorpios Charter, you can be assured that you are dealing with a trustworthy and reliable company. If you would like some references, we can send you the addresses of customers who have bought yachts from us.

Please ask about our current offers. We will gladly send you detailed information.